Events at Restaurant Tannishus​

Since I took over the restaurant at Tannishus in 2002 I have insisted on adding new events and activities every year.

2019 is going to be very exciting!

At Tannishus we offer more than just food experiences. In 2019 our focus is on extending our concertmenu - as a concert venue we range widely with both rock and jazz concerts. We collaborate with ticketmaster so that our concert tickets can be bought easily online and we offer menus and wines in tune with the evening.

A selection of our events this year:

Moon Jam, Shubi or not Shubi, Sussi and Leo, Celtic Horizon Band, Lasse and Mathilde, Hvideløgne, Henrik Strube, 3 jazz evenings with Advokatens New Orleans, C Jazz, Malene Mortensen and Back in Black. Other events: wine tastings, gourmet evening with Morten Kok, fish and shellfishbuffet, game buffet and other outstanding events. ​

Åge Vinther

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